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Epic Games collaborating with university for Epic Games Centre

Epic Games has formed a two-year partnership with Staffordshire University resulting in the Epic Games Centre, a "fully equipped" space for use by students in Staffordshire's game design courses. The agreement provides students "hardware, teaching time and access to software and key personnel" from Epic. The Epic Games Centre will also host Epic Developer Days, an event focused on assisting professional Unreal Engine users.

"We have many great courses here at Staffs but this partnership will give our students a deeper understanding of how theory is put into practice and a greater understanding of the commercial complexities of the development process," said Staffordshire's Head of the Games Technology Group Dr. Bobbie Fletcher.

Learning how to build games isn't exactly a cakewalk, but students looking to learn the Unreal engine might find it more manageable with an open communications line to its creators. Hopefully Staffordshire students gain unreal knowledge from the partnership and make some epic games to share with the world.

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