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Minecraft sales exceed 1 million in first month on PS3

After a month of generating new lands for PS3 users to explore, Minecraft has sold one million copies on the PlayStation Network. Mojang's David Kaplan shared the news on Mojang's blog, proving that there are actually still people on this Earth that have yet to buy the build-what-you-want adventure game.

Kaplan noted that the Mojang team is grateful for the support and hopeful that fans are receptive of future updates. As a sales recap, 11 million units of the PC version were sold by last June, and the Xbox 360 version has creeped out another 10 million players with the unsettling hiss of Creepers. Wii U sales are just a bit lower in comparison, as Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson noted in December that there are "no current plans" to reach the console.

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