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Should we get something for WoW's 10th anniversary?

Anne Stickney

Two major milestones are coming up this year. First is the 10th anniversary of World of Warcraft -- and the second is the 20th anniversary of Warcraft itself. When Warcraft had its fifth anniversary we were treated to a revamp of the Onyxia raid that brought her up to level 80, updated her loot appropriately, and added a mount to her loot table. In addition, all players were mailed the Onyxian Whelpling as part of the anniversary festivities. That fifth anniversary was a pretty big deal all around.

Since then, we haven't really had much in the way of hooplah when it comes to WoW anniversaries. But with both the 10th anniversary of the game and the 20th anniversary of the franchise at hand, I'm hoping we see something big. Maybe not a revamped raid boss this time around, but since we're going to be celebrating the 20 year milestone of the franchise, some sort of neat quest chain that has us re-visiting the heroes of old in the form of ghosts, briefly visible for a week or two. Wouldn't it be cool to talk to King Llane's spirit, or Anduin Lothar, or even Medivh?

And getting a new pet for the occasion would be pretty cool too. I wouldn't mind seeing another murloc pet introduced. Not a fancy one in armor, but one in the style of Murky and the other plain baby murlocs. Or maybe a mount -- how about that elusive green drake that we still don't have? What do you guys think? What kind of pets, or mounts, or celebrations in general do you want to see? It's not one, but two big anniversaries this year -- how do you think we should celebrate them?

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