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Breakfast Topic: What references should make their way into WoW?

Anne Stickney

Pop culture references are scattered all over WoW -- Wowhead has been doing a great job covering all the references in the game so far, from nods to employees and community members to the more obscure references to poetry, books, music and TV. Of course, the cool thing about pop culture is things are constantly falling in and out of favor. Popular TV shows don't last forever, movies are forgotten as newer, cooler movies come out. Books that are incredibly well received eventually fade as the series comes to an end.

So what makes a cool enough reference for WoW? Do you want to see some references to Harry Potter, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, or other TV series thrown in there? Maybe a few more nods to Game of Thrones? Are there any movies you think warrant an NPC of some sort? Would you like to drink a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster? Of all of things you love from current or past pop culture, are there any you think would make a perfect addition to WoW? How would you like to see them implemented? Do you like seeing all the nods and tributes, or are you tired of WoW's constant references to other sources?

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