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Breakfast Topic: Do you write fanfiction?

Anne Stickney

I have to admit -- I have indulged in writing fanfiction before. Every time the Global Writing Contest was announced, I'd happily try to cobble together an entry. They never won, but I had a lot of fun writing them anyway. In addition to written prose, I also really enjoy roleplaying storytellers in game -- most of my roleplayed characters have a small list of stories they can tell at the drop of a hat. I like fairy tales and fables, so adapting my own version of Azeroth's bizarre mythology seemed like a fun thing to do.

With the introduction of the new fanfiction forum on the official website, I've begun to happily browse through all the contributions and read what other people have to write about Azeroth. While some fanfiction is admittedly better than others, it's still cool, in my mind, to see what people have come up with, and how it differs from the sorts of things I would write. So I'm curious -- have any of you written any fanfiction? Have you decided to pen the tales of characters and NPCs we haven't seen enough of in official stories? If you write fanfiction, do you prefer using original characters, or characters already established in canon lore? Are you planning on posting to the fanfiction forum, so I can read what you write when I've got some free time?

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