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Six weeks and counting: FIFA 14 still leads the UK charts


Usually, the UK charts are interesting. Last year we saw Tomb Raider stay in the top ten for an impressive 25 weeks in a row, albeit 593 weeks less than Square Enix was hoping for. In September, Grand Theft Auto 5 became the UK's fastest-selling game of all time when it notched 2.25 million sales in its first week, leading to an unstoppable crime wave across the country that we all read about in the papers. Exciting stuff!

Be that as it may, this week's offering is tumbleweeds. FIFA 14 is No.1 for the sixth week in a row and ninth week in total as it bids to become the Bryan Adams of the gaming charts. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is a new entry in tenth, but a practically unchanged top nine tells you more about that than anything. In short, bring on February already.

Top 10 UK Software Sales (All Formats); week ending January 25
  1. FIFA 14
  2. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  3. Battlefield 4
  4. Lego Marvel Super Heroes
  5. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
  6. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
  7. Killzone: Shadow Fall
  8. Grand Theft Auto 5
  9. Need for Speed: Rivals
  10. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

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