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Indiegogo raises $40 million in second round of venture funding


San Francisco-based crowdfunding platform Indiegogo announced that it has raised $40 million in a second round of venture financing, following up on a $15 million Series A funding round in 2012.

Indiegogo said in a statement that it plans to springboard off its Series B financing to focus on "making key hires, expanding globally and improving the user experience with a focus on mobile, personalization and trust."

While the bulk of gaming-related crowdfunding projects turn to rival platform Kickstarter for support, a number of high-profile indies have found success with Indiegogo. Lab Zero Games earned almost $1 million when it debuted an Indiegogo campaign to fund the creation of DLC characters for Skullgirls last year, and the newly-launched Square Enix Collective will use the platform to fund new projects from developers Ruffian Games, Kitfox Games and Tuque Games.

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