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Elder Scrolls Online releases cinematic trailer, announces CE info

MJ Guthrie

Are you ready for another Elder Scrolls Online CG opus? We have one, and it clocks in with a whopping eight-minute-16-second running time.

The clip stars the familiar trio of ESO heroes we've glimpsed in past promotional materials and it pits them against a range of baddies in a nonstop ode to over-the-top action movie violence. It finishes off with ESO's April 4th PC release date as well as a mention of June 2014 for consoles.

In related news, information about the collectors edition appears to have been leaked early on Amazon [Edit: And now it's official!]. Like many CEs, this one, dubbed The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition, offers a fancy box, a book, a map, a statue, a ring, a mount, and a vanity pet. However, this CE is also the only way players can unlock playing an Imperial in any alliance.

[Source: ZeniMax press release]

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