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Examine the vast skill system found in Blackguards


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Blackguards is a recently released strategy roleplaying game from Daedalic Entertainment that features an obscene level of character detail, as evidenced by this look at the game's skill trees.

Functionally, assigning skills in Blackguards is pretty simple. You earn experience which gives you points that can then be assigned to various categories including weapon talents, magical aptitudes or miscellaneous abilities. That's all typical of the genre, but where Blackguards differentiates itself is in its breadth of available skills. As you can see in the above footage, the skills menu found in Blackguards is simply massive.

What's more, the game doesn't confine players to pre-determined upgrade paths. Each character is able to learn any skill, so if you'd prefer your burly warrior to toss fireballs instead of swinging an axe that's entirely up to you and your available pool of Adventure Points.

For more information on Blackguards, pay a visit to either Steam or the game's official website. If you like what you see, know that both the standard and deluxe editions of Blackguards are currently available from Steam at a ten percent discount.

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