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To date, Apple has spent $28 billion on stock buybacks and $15.8 billion on dividend payments


Apple last April announced plans to substantially increase its dividend and share-repurchasing program to US$100 billion. Apple's press release at the time explained that the company "expects to utilize a total of $100 billion of cash under the expanded program by the end of calendar 2015."

Of that $100 billion figure, $60 billion will be allocated toward stock buybacks while $40 billion will be allocated toward dividend payments.

With 2014 already underway, I thought it might be high time to check in on the program and see how far along Apple is toward reaching its $100 billion goal.

Taking a look at Apple's recently filed Form 10-Q, we see that Apple, during its most recent quarter, utilized $5 billion to repurchase 9.5 million shares of common stock while paying out $2.7 billion in dividends to shareholders.

Not too shabby for just three months' time, but if we take a step back and look at the program since it first started, the numbers become even more staggering.

To date, Apple has repurchased about $28 billion worth of its own shares, leaving it with about $32 billion to spend on future stock buybacks.

With respect to returning cash to shareholders, Apple since 2012 has paid out approximately $15.8 billion to shareholders via quarterly dividend payments.

All told, Apple has already spent $45.2 billion as part of its capital program.

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