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Google Wallet will make collecting loyalty points easier and noisier


Early adopters of mobile wallet services are brave enough to hand over the keys to their finances in the name of convenience. When you're signed up to a plethora of loyalty schemes, though, inputting all these details before ditching the plastic could be quite the opposite. Google doesn't want you burdened with such tasks, and in an impending update to its Wallet app for Android, has said it'll introduce a new feature that adds loyalty cards with one click of your smartphone's camera shutter. A natural progression from the recent recognition feature that adds debit and credit card details in the same way, snap a picture of your loyalty card and Wallet will do the rest. Furthermore, when you're near a store with which you have a card, you'll get a notification to remind you (that Google knows all). While the Android app was updated yesterday, there's no mention of these additions, so we'll take Big G's word that it's "rolling out this week." No news on when an update could hit the iOS version of the app, but as Wallet only launched on the platform a few months ago, we're not going to hold our breath.

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