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Rumor: Xbox One major update, Titanfall console, Halo 2 HD, Crackdown 3


Several Xbox One-related rumors that have been swimming around for a while have been consolidated in one NeoGAF post. Whether this is a controlled leak, someone with a big mouth or having a laugh, the post definitely touches on several insider details. So, let's get started ...

The highlights include Halo Anniversary 2 scheduled for this holiday, along with Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive. Crackdown 3 isn't expected until 2016, with Fable Legends in 2015. The next Gears of War is likely another 2.5 years hence. The Verge also took the opportunity from the leak to mention a white Xbox and a Titanfall branded Xbox One console.

Oh, and the first major Xbox One update is planned for March while Titanfall DLC is planned for 45 days and 120 days after release. If you'd like to sift through all the nitty gritty rumors, head on over to the NeoGaf cantina.
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