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Wii U to get from startup to games faster thanks to quick start menu


Nintendo is looking to cut the time from booting the Wii U to playing a game by introducing a quick start menu, one of the things planned for a system update in the early summer. As CEO Satoru Iwata said in this week's corporate briefing, Nintendo believes it can halve the time between starting the system and getting on with the playing.

As showcased in a vid from the briefing (via GoNintendo), the menu brings up a selection of the games you've recently played when you boot up the Wii U. Select one, then your user profile - and bear in mind you can make the Wii U select a profile automatically - and voila, you're a-bouncing on goombas.

This isn't the first time Nintendo's addressed the Wii U's load times, as last year it cut down the time it took to return to the Wii U menu after exiting a game. Presumably by 2015 we'll be able to just glare at the Wii U and it'll start playing Super Smash Bros., albeit with some minor cowering on the GamePad's part.

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