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Velocity Ultra dev's electric match-3 puzzler charges onto Vita next week


Surge Deluxe is the next PS Mobile-to-Vita game from Futurlab, the UK studio that turned Velocity into Velocity Ultra. Sure, the world has plenty of match-3 puzzlers, but this one has rainbow neon lights, lightning-like currents, and super high scores that make "CYBORG" appear on the screen - as every self-respecting match-3 puzzler should.

According to Futurlab, the Vita-enhanced version features a redesigned scoring system to better reward top players and negate grinding, a couple of new blocks to ramp up those multipliers and chains, and some clever colorblind-friendliness: Affected players will be able to distinguish the colored blocks thanks to their different shapes.

No word on prices yet beyond a tweet saying "under a fiver" for euro-types, but the release dates are locked in: February 4 for North America, and the day after for Europe.

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