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Zoom's H5 brings high-quality audio recording to budget-minded pros


Are you serious about capturing high-quality audio away from a studio, but not so serious that you need a do-everything recorder like Zoom's H6? You'll want to look into the company's newly unveiled H5, then. While it should match the H6's audio quality and can use the same stereo microphone add-ons, it ditches two of the XLR /TLS combo inputs in the name of cost; you'll also find a monochrome display in lieu of the H6's color panel. The H5 has an analog output for backup recordings, and you can add two more XLR/TLS inputs through a module if your ambition ever grows. Launch details aren't available just yet, but we'd expect the new handheld's pricing to slot in between the $299 H4n and the $399 H6.

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