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Report: Ghost Games suffers layoffs, Need for Speed game put on hold

Need for Speed: Rivals developer Ghost Games has suffered layoffs in its UK office and ceased development on an unannounced Need for Speed project, according to a report by Polygon. The report states that Electronic Arts dismissed contract workers earlier this week and presented full-time staff members with a choice: leave and take compensation, or help Dead Space series developer Visceral Games with "Havana," a rumored Battlefield title said to be planned for the end of the year.

If true, these layoffs follow Criterion Games' downsizing in September, which resulted in around 60 of its staff members working at Ghost Games. Criterion Studio Director Fiona Sperry described that exchange as a voluntary move rather than a choice handed down by EA. Sparrow and Criterion Vice President Alex Ward then left Criterion in January, noting plans on Twitter to create studio of their own.
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