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Trapt coming to PlayStation Store as PS2 classic

A recent episode of the PlayStation Blogcast announced that Trapt will make its way to PlayStation 3 as a PS2 Classic. Despite Trapt's absence of clever space battle tactics, it does involve plotting the deaths of enemies by ensnaring them in traps.

In Trapt, Princess Allura is framed as the murderer of her father, King Olaf, and is then accused by her stepmother Catalina. Not keen on awaiting her trial, Allura escapes to a forest and progresses through stages by eliminating enemies with traps on the walls, floors and ceilings of rooms. Money earned from outwitting enemies can be spent on new traps or keys to access locked portions of stages. Trapt also has multiple endings, leaving the fate of the game's cast up to the player to influence.

A price for Trapt was not suggested, but that doesn't have to stop you from practicing making traps out of household items!
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