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A World of Keflings coming to Wii U in next couple of months


Giant Miis should have A World of Keflings in their hands by the end of March, according to developer Ninjabee. The province-building follow-up to A Kingdom for Keflings was lined up to hit Wii U last year, but Ninjabee now says it's due in the next two months.

While Ninjabee's first news of the year is for an old game, the indie studio says it's got plenty of new things in the pipeline. Last week it posted images from four concepts doing the rounds at its Utah office, and they're certainly intriguing. Three of them look to be for action-orientated games, with one featuring a sword-bearing demon in a city's downtown, and another a band of modern-looking adventurers taking on a colossus-like monster.

"Some of them are more developed than others," says Ninjabee's Michael Purser. "Not all of them will become finished products, at least not in any recognizable form. But they all represent the beginnings of something wonderful: the genesis of NinjaBee's next game."

Expect to hear more on that around August and September time, because Purser says Ninjabee's bringing one of those properties with it to PAX Prime.

[Image: Ninjabee]

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