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Early App Store hit Eliss expanded in upcoming Eliss Infinity


Steph Thirion's celestial puzzler Eliss emerged as a standout release in the early days of the iOS App Store, serving up unique multitouch gameplay suited for Apple's then-fledgling platform. Almost five years after the original game's release, Thirion revealed that an expansion, Eliss Infinity, is due to hit iOS devices later this week.

Eliss challenges players to join like-colored celestial bodies together within each level's cramped boundaries while using skillful finger placement to stabilize on-screen objects. Infinity will include all content from the original Eliss along with the new score-based Infinity mode, which Thirion describes as "Tetris meets Super Hexagon." A sandbox-styled Spacebox mode is also included, offering a laid-back style of gameplay for newcomers.

Eliss Infinity will be priced at $2.99 when it premieres for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices on February 6.
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