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Georgeson on the state of Landmark's alpha

Jef Reahard

How's the Landmark alpha going? Pretty well, according to SOE producer Dave Georgeson. Earlier this evening Georgeson posted a lengthy state-of-the-alpha update on the game's forums (you'll need to be logged in with your SOE account to view the link). In it, he says that developers are currently working on server stability, logout position issues, and template fixes. He also mentions art team deliverables like new biomes, character customizations, and props.

Finally, Georgeson announced on Twitter that Landmark will only support 64-bit operating systems going forward. He explains why in the aforementioned forum post.

"To prevent our voxel database from crashing under load, we are converting it to 64-bit processes. That will make our DB very stable, and we can then ensure that any other issues no longer have this variable in the discussion so we can narrow down any other 'voxel loss' issues quickly," he said.

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