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Xbox One controller design contest winners are largely green


The Xbox One Take Control contest asked fans to design fresh, new Xbox One controllers, with a grand prize of $1,000 – and here are the winners. Michael, the grand prize winner, received $1,000, five Xbox One wireless controllers and the opportunity for Microsoft to evaluate his design for physical production. The People's Choice winner received $750, and the nine First Prize winners won $500 each. The Best Use of Fresh Paint winner received a $150 gift certificate to and a Sensu digital Artist Brush & Stylus valued at $40.

Microsoft's panel, which included spokesman Major Nelson, evaluated submissions based on the following scale: 40 percent asked if the design was original and creative; 30 percent questioned if it would appeal to other gamers, and another 30 percent asked if the design felt "premium" and reinforced the Xbox One brand. Any of the submissions may be evaluated for public production, according to the contest's official rules.

Congrats, controller creatives!
[Image: Microsoft]

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