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MirrorMoon EP update adds indie nods alongside well-timed sale


2013 IGF finalist MirrorMoon EP, a minimalist exploration game where you navigate space and explore planets, is on sale for $6 all this week on Steam.

The sale is timed alongside a new content update, which adds a mysterious button with an unknown function to the Galaxy Map area. New structures that pay homage to other indie games like Kentucky Route Zero and Gone Home have also been erected on MirrorMoon EP's planets.

MirrorMoon EP's soundtrack is also up on Bandcamp for $5, in case you're looking for some moody music to get you through the day.

Finally, developer Santa Ragione has announced MirrorMoon Ep is up for an award at this year's SXSW Gaming Expo. The free show, which takes place from March 7 - 9 in Austin, TX, celebrates gaming and geek culture.
[Image: Santa Ragione]

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