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Smedley hints at supposed game for Star Wars Galaxies lovers (yet again)

Eliot Lefebvre

So what exactly will Sony Online Entertainment's love letter to Star Wars Galaxies fans look like? Who knows? Actually, that's a silly question -- John Smedley knows, and he seems to enjoy teasing people about what the game will contain. A recent pair of tweets from the man promise that players who enjoyed sandbox elements of SWG such as player-run towns and bases might well enjoy the new mystery game.

Of course, that could still mean almost anything. Will it still have the same science fiction theme? Will it play like SWG? Is it just DayZ with a different name? Can you really make a bigger sandbox than EverQuest Next Landmark is trying to be? Maybe you could offer up a title? But it's a hint, at least. Hopeful fans can keep their eyes peeled for more in the days to come.

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