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Transformers' Starscream takes flight in Kerbal Space Program


We've all seen Transformers do their titular thing with ease but, when slowed down, it's quite the complicated and laborious process. There are a lot of hinges and gaskets and pistons that have to move around in different stages in order to turn a gigantic bipedal robot into an airplane.

That's exactly what's so interesting about this Kerbal Space Program video, which shows how user Hooptiej built a fully-transforming Starscream model into the game. It's not the exact Starscream we remember from the TV show when we were growing up, but it's impressive nonetheless.

Unfortunately, this version of Starscream isn't the most adept at flying. A few seconds after a clumsy take-off, Starscream came careening back to Earth – at least, that's what HooptieJ says. In the interest of saving face, the video cuts away before we can see Starscream crash.
[Image: HooptieJ]

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