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Strider somersaults onto PS4, Xbox One and other systems this Feb.


Strider brings its sci-fi ninja platforming to PS4 and PS3 on February 18 in North America, with Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Steam welcoming the game the day after. The latest revival of the classic series comes courtesy of Double Helix, the studio behind the recent return of Killer Instinct, and the fare to get back on board is $15.

The other news from today's announcement is Strider includes two challenge modes in addition to the main story mode: Beacon Run is a slice-and-dice speedrunning challenge, and Survival mixes up harder and harder waves of enemies to defeat. Both modes feature leaderboards, as does the main campaign.

Joystiq ninja extraordinaire Dave Hinkle got hands-on time with the game couple of months back, and he was encouraged by its ability to mix old with new.

"Even in my brief encounter with Strider, I felt it successfully toed the line between those old-school sensibilities of punishing platforming segments and unforgiving enemies with modernized mechanics such as ciphers and catapulting," he wrote. "Strider didn't feel like a mindless affair of running left-to-right and slashing everything in sight. Instead, Strider made me think about how I needed to stab every enemy in my path, proving that the mind is the ninja's greatest weapon."
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Capcom today announced that Strider will officially release across North America on February 18th as a $14.99 digital download title on PSN (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3), with the XBLA (Xbox One, Xbox 360) and PC (Steam) versions out on February 19th. The original assassin returns soon, along with two all-new Challenge Modes and a slew of extras and bonus content that are sure to please Strider fans of all ages.

Revealed today, two new Challenge Modes have been added to the core Story Mode included in Strider. Beacon Run offers a "speed run" race style mode that gives players a white-knuckled experience, challenging them to hit consecutive checkpoints while slicing through enemies, in the shortest amount of time. Survival Mode tests player's combat skills with a variety of different item and ability load outs, as waves of progressively difficult and diverse enemies converge on Strider Hiryu.

Global online leaderboards track both Challenge Modes, as well as Story Mode times and status results. Whether competing against the world's best speed runners or going head-to-head against friends, players can track their stats via the Strider leaderboards, which introduce an addictive layer of depth and replayability.

Furthermore, players can unlock new sets of costumes by uncovering the vestiges of Striders fallen in battle against Grand Master Meio's evil empire. Unlock all costumes to have access to a full array of customization options, allowing players to create their own unique and playable Strider character.

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