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Newegg's $50 Premier is like Amazon Prime, but without the video streaming


While Amazon's debating whether or not it should hike Prime subscription fees in the US, now its decision may have to take into consideration a potential competitor. This morning, Newegg introduced Premier, a $50 shipping service that aims to cope with the likes of Amazon Prime. For that yearly fee, Newegg promises to get stuff to your doorstep in three days or less, as well as a number of other benefits including no restocking fees, free returns and dedicated customer service. You will, however, miss out on the Instant Video streaming offered through Prime, but this also means you'll end up saving $29 per year -- which is something that could make sense to folks who are already subscribed to Netflix. Or, there's always Newegg's free option, Super Eggsaver; just be prepared to wait a lot longer for your online purchases to arrive.

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