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Quicklytics is the go-to Google analytics app for monitoring your website traffic


Since its launch in 2011, Quicklytics has grown to become one of the best website traffic tools for Google Analytics users. A recent update brings a refreshed design and a handful of new features that makes the website-monitoring tool even more robust.

Quicklytics, if you've never used it, allows you to track multiple websites as well as multiple Google analytics accounts. Once the account information is entered into the app via OAuth, you can use a swiping gesture to navigate between all your websites.

The app provides the basic metrics like the number of visitors, pageviews, average pageviews and bounce rate right on the main screen. You can view these metrics for the day, week, month or a custom range. The layout is perfect for someone like me who has a few websites, but is not a power user.

Power users can dig deeper and pull up customer reports for visitor data like browser type, source reports like referring sites and more. If your site makes money, you can track some of your incoming revenues in Quicklytics as well. There's even a real-time tracker that'll show you the number of visitors on your site at that moment in time. It's powerful and arranged to make it easy to dig deep into your website numbers.

For those keeping track, the full change log for version 9.0 of Quicklytics is as follows:

  • New design makes your data much more beautiful!
  • Real Time counter lets you see how many visitors you have on your site right now.
  • Simply double-tap on a report to filter by a row, much easier.
  • Custom reports gives you unlimited possibilities!
  • Many, many bug fixes, thanks to everybody who reported them!
  • Lots of performance updates make the app even faster to download the data!

You can download Quicklytics for US$9.99 from the iOS App Store. It's a universal app and requires iOS 7.

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