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RIFT announces Dream Weaver patch date, introduces new Budgie mounts


Telarans anxiously awaiting the next RIFT update won't have to wait much longer because Trion Worlds has announced that patch 2.6, Dream Weaver, will go live on February 12th. The update brings with it a slew of new features, perhaps the most notable of which is an entirely new crafting class: the titular Dream Weaver. The Dream Weaver tradeskill allows players to craft keys for 15 new dimensions and create a number of lighting and particle effects that can be used to add a little pizzaz to your dimension. The update will also kick off a new Air Saga storyline that takes players back in time to relive the story of Crucia, the dragon goddess of air, and will see the addition of the new bounty system, new combat pet skins, and unstable artifact sets.

But if you just can't wait one week to get your RIFT fix, perhaps you could pass the time trying to acquire an adorable new mount, the Frosty Budgie. Until February 11th, players can compete in daily Budgie races in Silverwood (for Guardians), Freemarch (for Defiant), Pelladane, and Cape Jule. Completing all three races will earn an achievement and a Budgie Trove, which has a chance to contain the rare Frosty Budgie. Players can also complete new daily quests in the aforementioned zones to earn bird seed, which can be used to purchase the new Ashen Budgie mount. For players who absolutely must have these new mounts can purchase additional bird seed and Budgie Troves via the in-game cash shop.

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