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Double Dragon Neon cowabungas onto Steam today with online co-op


Tubular news, dudes and dudettes: Double Dragon Neon is out later today on Steam for Windows PCs, and it's got a righteous new addition: online co-op. It comes courtesy of the bodacious bods at Abstraction Games, while the original flashback beat-em-up was developed by Ducktales Remastered studio WayForward.

When it swaggered onto XBLA and PSN in 2012, Dave 'To The Max' Hinkle gave Double Dragon Neon a radical four-and-a-half-stars, calling it, "yet another jewel in WayForward's crown, unmistakably a Double Dragon game but with just the right amount of new flavor to make it something distinct, all wrapped in a brilliant '80s motif."

If that all sounds most outstanding to you, it's $10/£7/9 euros to join the partay.
[Image: WayForward/Abstraction Games]

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