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How to stretch your iPhone's battery as far as it can possibly go


We've all been in this situation before: You haven't plugged in your iPhone in a couple of days and now you have just a sliver of battery life left. Your phone has been warning you that it's near death, but you have nowhere to charge it. At this point, you don't care if your phone is the fastest or most powerful; you're waiting for an important call and you just want it to live as long as possible before it faints to a black screen.

Are you ready to sacrifice almost everything that makes your iPhone a fantastic device for a few more precious moments of power? Then let's get to it!

You'll be doing all of your work in the settings menu, so once you've got it open, here's what you need to do:

  • WiFi = Off
  • Bluetooth = Off
  • Cellular -> Cellular Data = Off (this will also turn off LTE automatically)
  • Privacy -> Location Services = Off
  • Wallpaper & Brightness -> Auto-Brightness = Off (Slide your brightness all the way down as well)
  • General -> Background App Refresh = Off (Keeps apps from gobbling power in the background)
  • General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion = On (No need to waste juice on 3D flair)
  • Sounds -> Vibrate on Ring = Off
  • Sounds -> Vibrate on Silent = Off
  • Messages -> iMessage = Off (iMessage can require more data, and power, than texting)
  • Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data -> Push = Off
  • Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data -> Fetch = Manually (No data use unless you say so)

With these settings tweaked, your iPhone won't be able to send or receive data either by WiFi or cellular connection, so keep that in mind. Your iPhone can still play games that don't require an internet connection, send texts, take photos and video and, of course, make and receive calls. And with nearly every bell and whistle removed, it should live as long as physically possible.

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