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Indie puzzler Threes comes to iOS at 33% off, naturally


Today marks the debut of Threes, a new iOS puzzle game that asks players to combine adorably anthropomorphic numbers into even larger, potentially cuter numbers.

Developed by Ridiculous Fishing artist Greg Wohlwend and Asher Vollmer, formerly a designer at thatgamecompany, Threes was built from the ground-up with accessibility in mind. "Threes is a game anyone can play anywhere," Wohlwend told us in an interview last month. "It's the first game I've ever made that didn't rely at least partially on reflexes in some way. It's purely turn-based and rewards a lot of thought between each move."

Vollmer added, "It can be played for ten seconds or two hours at a time. There's no hidden or memory-based information, which means it can be picked up at any point in the game. The difficulty of the puzzle always keeps up with the skill level of the player."

To celebrate the game's launch, Threes has been marked down to $2, or by 33.3 percent, a figure that is both numerically apropos and only available for a limited time.
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