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Joystiq Streams: Looting through the Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls beta [UPDATE: Relive the stream!]

[UPDATE: While we tested the Reaper of Souls beta literally minutes before starting the stream and everything was working fine, the beta servers went down shortly thereafter when a new update was issued. As a result, we streamed the original Diablo 3. Turned out to be a fun time anyway!]

Two years on from its tumultuous release, Diablo 3 is a very different beast. Blizzard's divisive dungeon crawler has been patched, rebalanced, and brought to consoles in the intervening months. Soon it will even be stripped of the auction houses that many thought distracted from the game's primary charms of loot hunting and clicking on stuff. Now that it's leaner and meaner, Diablo 3 is shorn and ready for Reaper of Souls, its first major expansion.

Joystiq's own Xav de Matos is willing to brave the depths of hell to bring you a stream of the Reaper beta. Anthony John Agnello will be hanging out in the chat feeding your questions to Xav as he clicks on monsters then clicks on the piles of goodies they drop. It's all going down on the Joystiq Twitch channel at 4p.m. EST on Thursday, Feb. 6. Come on down and hang with us.

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