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Latest Greenlight inductees include Energy Hook, Richard and Alice, Detective Grimoire


Steam Greenlight is increasingly resembling the opening sequences of classic Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle, known to US fans through Spike TV's MXC. Again, two weeks after the last batch, another teeming mass of 50 games charges madly towards the gates of Steam. If only the process was as hilarious as Takeshi's Castle; Greenlight would be vastly improved by dressing up game developers as skittles and chucking huge bowling balls at them. No offense, developers, it just would.

Highlights from the batch include rooftop-swinging action game Energy Hook, which is also coming to PS4 and Vita, and Richard and Alice, the dark point-and-clicker co-penned by Starbound lead wordsmith Ashton Raze.

Crowdfunded point-and-click mystery Detective Grimoire got through too, and like Richard and Alice the game is already available outside of Steam. Another game just out the door and now past Greenlight is Gigantic Army, an homage to 16-bit mech shooters that comes from the studio behind Satazius.

The full list of the freshest fifty can be found on the Steam Greenlight site.
[Image: Jamie Fristrom]

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