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One intrepid Flappy Bird player has figured out how to beat the game (NSFW language)


Have you played Flappy Bird? If not, consider yourself lucky. The crushingly difficult, yet equally addictive title has been exploding in popularity on iTunes thanks to its free price tag and simple enough premise. Players tap the screen to make a tiny bird jump through sets of pipes, usually meeting certain death within seconds of starting each round.

With adorably simple graphics and easy-to-understand premise the game has become a smash hit, racking up $50,000 a day in advertising revenue. After hours of gameplay, I finally got a score of 15. And when I'm done writing this article, I will probably try to grind my way to 16. Earning a higher score haunts me. How does one beat Flappy Bird?

Thankfully one intrepid, and foul-mouthed, YouTube user has figured out how to truly "beat" Flappy Bird. This video contains language that is not safe for work. But if you've played the game, it's language you have probably already used many times while playing. Enjoy, and then tell us your Flappy Bird high score in the comments below.

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