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Facebook lets users rewrite the past by editing their 'Look Back' videos


Let's be real here: the nostalgic "Look Back" videos Facebook rolled out for its tenth birthday are... let's say, hit or miss. Sure, some of them are tremendously meaningful. Most of them are much less so. But fear not! In the event that your Look Back video doesn't really tell your personal story (or at least not the version you want people to see), Facebook is giving you the chance to edit it.

Clicking the shiny new 'edit' button on the Look Back page lets you choose which images and status updates you want to highlight. There are, sadly, some pesky limits. As TechCrunch points out, you're stuck choosing from only a slightly wider pool of content, not the entirety of your lives on Facebook. Then again, even a bit of selective surgery could go a long way in making these videos more tolerable, so tweak away.

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