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    Tranquility lets you work on your laptop in the dark without blinding yourself or everyone around you


    Macs have simply beautiful displays, but still there's no getting around how tired your eyes can get while staring at a screen. Even beyond your own personal comfort, there are other people to consider. How many nights have you kept a significant other up because the glare from your screen was making it hard to sleep?

    Tranquility is here for you. Developed by Pixio, the Mac app offers a quick way to switch to a darkened, night vision-optimized screen view. It's free, easy to use and customizable. Do you prefer a monochromatic view to a dark color palette? You can select that. Want to disable shadows or hide the desktop to free you from distractions? Tranquility understands and wants to help you. You can even set it to dim your menu bar when you're working, day or night, to help keep you focused. It's a wonderful little app.

    When you first activate the app, it will present you with an optimization menu to mark your settings. From then on, the app will live in your menu bar, ready to be turned on at a moment's notice when you find yourself in need of low-light display options.

    Some readers may remember a similar app called Nocturne, which ceased updating. Tranquility is a spiritual sibling of that app, built from its source code after Nocturne's developer abandoned it. If you enjoyed Nocturne, jumping into Tranquility will be like putting on old shoes.

    You can find Tranquility as a free download directly at Pixio's website.

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