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UK retailer GAME opens pre-owned focused line of stores


GAME looks to be dipping its feet further into the pre-owned pool with a new line of stores focused heavily on trading used games. As MCV and The Lincolnite report, the UK retailer re-opened two of its oulets as "Gametronics" stores today, with an aim to focus not just on trading second-hand games, but also consoles, gaming accessories, and other electronics like smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs.

GAME has been buying and selling used games for some time, but as MCV notes, these new stores look to rival CEX, a growing second hand goods chain in the UK with a strong arm in used games and consoles. As if to underline that, the Lincoln Gametronics is sat right next door to a CEX store. However, according to MCV the Gametronics stores will also stock a selection of new items.

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