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Breakfast Topic: Do you pay attention to transmog while leveling?

Anne Stickney

I'm a sucker for transmog. I've dumped I don't know how much gold into getting nice-looking outfit combinations on my main character. Transmogrification was easily one of the best new features to come out of the Cataclysm expansion -- I honestly can't imagine not having it around. It's no wonder they took the feature to use in Diablo III's next expansion.

But my addiction to transmog goes beyond just my main character. Now that the feature is readily available with a quick trip to either Stormwind or Orgrimmar, I've taken to using the feature for all of my alts as well. Sure, the heirloom sets are nice -- but there's so many low-level pieces of gear to mix and match that I really can't help trying to mix it up and come up with something fun. I'm pretty meticulous about leveling gear, if I replace a piece or two of gear and it messes up my transmog, I'll end the day by heading back to town and fixing it.

While the feature is wildly popular, I'm wondering just how many people out there use it while leveling, either with alts or with new characters fresh out of the gate. Is transmog something you pay attention to while you're leveling? Do you have to go fix your gear the moment you get a new item? Are your low-level alts all wearing impeccably fabulous sets of carefully-matched gear, courtesy of transmogrification? Or do you concentrate on leveling and completing quests, and leave the outfit-building until you're level 90?

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