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Golf swing sensor offers smartphone-based coaching, saves your best drives in cloud storage


Sony might have claimed tennis, but Seiko Epson is going for golf. After (surprisingly) announcing its foray into wearables at CES last month, the company has announced its next step into broadening its remit beyond printers and projectors. The M-Tracer For Golf sensor attaches to golf club handles and houses two acceleration sensors, able to measure up to 16 and 300 G, respectively. There's also a gyroscope, with all the sensors involved apparently developed and made in-house. From these, the sensor can gauge the orbit of your swing as well as the face angle at time of impact. This, alongside other metrics, are then transmitted to your (at the moment, Android) smartphone, which demonstrates animations and graphs of that last epic drive, as well as offer a view of your swing from three different viewpoints. The in-app analysis was co-developed with the Sports Dynamics and Informatics Laboratory of the Keio Research Institute. The app can beam up to 2,000 items of swing data to cloud storage, while it'll locally store 300 on the smartphone itself. The sensor will cost 29,800 yen (around a pricey $290), and launches in Japan on April 10th.

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