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NBA Live 14 update expected this month, adds Shootaround mode

EA Sports has outlined a second content update for NBA Live 14, noting the presence of a Shootaround mode and visual and gameplay tweaks in the patch. EA Sports Marketer Ty Stover's tweet, spotted by Polygon, suggests the update may come "as early as Monday," but an exact date has not been shared.

Shootaround will let players shoot hoops and get a handle on controls without having to outwit defenders or watch a shot clock. EA Sports describes Shootaround as the "first step" toward creating a "robust, comprehensive onboarding experience." The post states the team is looking forward to feedback for additional features desired for "next year's game," suggesting that additional, significant introductory features won't make it to NBA Live 14. For those requiring additional help with NBA Live 14, the post points to online video tutorials that break down styles of play. The update will also implement changes to ball physics, passing speeds, dribbling and first steps.

The post also references lighting and color changes to address the "plastic" appearance of players in NBA Live 14. EA Sports writes that these changes are "transitional steps which not only help us right now, but as we continue to work on the franchise." A process of scanning the heads of NBA players to approach photorealism is also mentioned, with plans to utilize the work in next year's game.

The planned update will follow a statement in November from NBA Live 14's executive producer, which admitted that the team had "a lot of work to do." Our review described the game as feeling "unfinished," and when compared to NBA 2K14, we felt NBA Live 14 was "nowhere near deserving of your time and money."
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