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AirMech getting multiplatform follow-up, classification suggests


Ubisoft could be gearing up for a multiplatform release or spinoff for Carbon Games' browser and PC RTS AirMech, a recent Australian classification rating indicates.

The Australian Classification Board added an entry for the previously unannounced AirMech Arena last week, assigning the multiplatform game a PG rating. A Brazilian newspaper corroborates the title, describing it as an upcoming North American release for the Xbox 360.

Developer Carbon Games declined to comment when questioned about Arena, saying that further announcements will be made after the PC version wraps up its beta phase. We've reached out to Ubisoft for details, and will update with any new information.

[Update: An Ubisoft representative responded to our request for more information, stating "We have no comment on rumor or speculation."]

[Image: Carbon Games]

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