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Keflings dev's Nutjitsu coming to Xbox One, says Microsoft exec


Stealthy puzzler Nutjitsu is in the opening batch of ID@Xbox games, according to Microsoft corporate VP Phil Spencer. Developed by A Kingdom for Keflings studio Ninjabee, Nutjitsu is a top-down affair in which you guide an adorable ninja squirrel through mazes guarded by equally cute samurai foxes. Ninjabee released it on Windows Phone 8 last year, and if Spencer's tweet is accurate, it's sneaking onto Xbox One shortly.

Spencer also name-dropped a Worms game as one of the "first shipping" through the self-publishing ID@Xbox program. Worms dev Team 17 and Ninjabee are both confirmed as participating ID@Xbox developers, and Ninjabee's already said it's bringing Nutjitsu to a new platform for the studio, so the nuts stack up on this one. We've reached out to Team 17 for more details on the Worms game.

Last we heard, ID@Xbox's debut was set for Q1 2014, and closer to March 2014 according to program director Chris Charla.

Update: Team 17 announced its ID@Xbox game as Worms Battlegrounds, and it's also coming to PlayStation 4. Its due on both systems sometime this year.
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