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Now you can bake your own iPhone and eat it, too!


Over the years, we've seen amateur and professional bakers create cakes and cookies that look like iPhones, but now anyone can create their own iPhone-shaped confections. ThinkGeek, our favorite site for nerdy goodies, announced the availability of the i-Cookie Cutter (US$15.99).

The precision device shapes your favorite cookie dough into an iPhone-like shape, complete with buttons, app icons and other details you'd find on your Apple smartphone. You'll have to provide your own decoration to create those perfect Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies icons, but if you're up for rather generic cookies, you can cut 'em out and eat 'em up in all of their unadorned glory.

The i-Cookie Cutter has unlimited battery life, can withstand the heat of an oven and is crafted from precision stainless steel. It cannot, however, make phone calls without a vivid imagination.

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