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Spelunky 1.4 update drops in a new HUD, save backup, more


Indie developer Mossmouth has released a sizable update for the Steam version of its roguelike platformer, Spelunky, fixing numerous bugs and adding new features aimed at hardcore players.

Spelunky's latest update introduces an optional "Pro" HUD that obscures less of the screen than the default interface, aiding players in crowded levels. The update additionally offers an "invert run" option, which makes running the default movement speed. When this option is enabled, players will need to hold the game's run button to walk instead of run.

Version 1.4 of Spelunky also adds a backup save option and fixes repeating seed issues within the Daily Challenge mode. The changelog reports many more fixes for long-standing bugs: A ghost will no longer kill players instantly when they enter Olmec's chamber after destroying several Kali altars, for instance.

The latest update is currently exclusive to the Steam version of Spelunky. An update for the edition is coming soon.
[Image: Mossmouth]

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