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Daily Deals for February 11, 2013, featuring the MacGyver-Approved iPhone 5/5S Case


It's time to save some of that hard-earned cash with our Daily Deals, featuring exclusive TUAW Deals, a handy list from Dealnews and our own handpicked iOS and OS X selections.

TUAW's Daily Deals

The MacGyver-Approved iPhone 5/5s Case [On sale for $64.99, down from $100]

Your iPhone is your life. You carry it all the time and it solves so many of life's problems. But what about when your need to fix your bike, tighten a screw or cut your steak?

Is there an app for that? No, we didn't think so.

But now, there's a CASE for that.

Introducing The TaskOne Case: a multi-tool built right into an iPhone 5/5s case. With twenty-two (22) tools plus dual kickstands engineered into an ultra-compact package, TaskOne is the ultimate iPhone case for the nature enthusiast, gadget lover or handyman (or handywoman).

Save 35% on The MacGyver-Approved iPhone 5/5s Case at TUAW Deals.


The DreamShot: The Screenshot Shortcut [On sale for $4.99, down from $10]

DreamShot uses just one keyboard shortcut to take and send screenshots to all apps, services and destinations on your Mac that deal with images.

Keeping your current system in place, DreamShot is the brain of your screenshot workflow, tying it all together into one seamless experience.

Save 50% on The DreamShot: The Screenshot Shortcut at TUAW Deals.

Deals from Dealnews

  • StackSocial: [Mac Software] Mac Bundle 4.0 4-App Bundle for Mac downloads for $1, 11 apps for $10.
  • Other World Computing: [Apple Computers] Used Macs at OWC from $359 + free shipping.
  • Other World Computing: [Computer Accessories] OWC Garage Sale: Deals from 50 cents on RAM, accessories, computers and more.
  • StackSocial: [Design & Multimedia Software] The Dynamic Designer Bundle for PC and Mac downloads for $29.
  • Best Buy: [Watches] MetaWatch STRATA Watch for iPhone 4s / 5 or Android for $100 + free shipping.
  • [24-Inch LCDs Or Larger] Monoprice 30" 2,560 x 1,600 IPS LED LCD Display for $478 + $33 s&h.
  • StackSocial: [iPhone Accessories] The Cable Key for iPhone 5 / iPad for $15 + free shipping.
  • Panasonic: [Speakers] Panasonic 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker w/ Tablet Stand for $50 + free shipping.
  • Target: [Digital Cameras] Pentax Q10 12MP Mirrorless Camera w/ 5-15mm Zoom Lens for $200 + $5 s&h.
  • [Musical Instruments] 49-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller w/ audio software for $55 + $11 s&h.
  • Pauls TV: [TVs] Open-Box Sharp 90" 120Hz 1080p WiFi LED HDTV for $6,500 + free shipping.
  • BuyDig: [USB Hard Drives] Western Digital 3 TB MyBook USB 3.0 Hard Drive for $99 + free shipping.

iOS Software Discounts

  • Spyglass [iOS Universal; Category: Navigation; On sale for $0.99, down from $3.99] Spyglass is an all-inclusive navigation toolkit that integrates all sensors to let you use your device to its full potential.

  • Dream-X [iPad; Category: Productivity; Now free, down from $6.99] Create and handle simple and complex mind maps in the elegant way.

  • Archibald's Adventures [iOS Universal; Category: Games; Now free, down from $3.99] Help Archie to overcome all of the pitfalls of a mad scientist's mansion in this funny action-puzzle game.

  • Assassin's Creed Pirates [iOS Universal; Category: Games; On sale for $2.99, down from $4.99] Become one of the most feared pirates of the Caribbean in this exclusive Assassin's Creed adventure on smartphones and tablets.

  • Catch-22 [iOS Universal; Category: Games; Now free, down from $0.99] Catch-22 is a very relaxing and frustrating one-button arcade game in which you play against yourself endlessly.

  • Virtua Tennis Challenge [iOS Universal; Category: Games; On sale for $0.99, down from $4.99] Slice, lob and hit your best top spin as you take on the world's best and compete against 50 players in 18 stadiums around the globe.

  • Crazy Taxi [iOS Universal; Category: Games; On sale for $0.99, down from $4.99] Barrel through traffic-packed streets, hurdle off parking garages and crazy combo your way to crazy money in a wild, frantic race to scare up the most fares.

  • Little Galaxy [iOS Universal; Category: Games; Now free, down from $1.99] Little Galaxy is a game inspired by a real story of a young scientist, who reached out for his dream to find a new home.

  • Plex [iOS Universal; Category: Entertainment; On sale for $1.99, down from $4.99] Plex organizes all of your personal media, wherever you keep it, so you can enjoy it on any device.

  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed [iOS Universal; Category: Games; On sale for $0.99, down from $1.99] Speed across land, sea and air in a high-velocity battle to the finish line, as your amazing transformable vehicle changes from car to boat to plane mid-race.

  • Toca Cars [iOS Universal; Category: Games; Now free, down from $2.99] Buckle up, friends! It's time for Toca Cars! In Toca Cars, you do what feels right. No rules apply to these roads. Apple's App of the week.

OS X Software Discounts

  • Two Dollar Tuesday [OS X; Category: Various; $1.99] Two Dollar Tuesday is offering three OS X apps for $1.99 each. Titles include Pic Collage, Clipart Prime and Unibox.

  • AllPasswords (Handy Personal Tool) [OS X; Category: Productivity; Now free, down from $1.99] Most people have dozens of passwords to memorize: bank accounts, Apple IDs, emails, social web logins, IMs... let AllPasswords free you from memorizing.

  • Stereo Master [OS X; Category: Photography & Video; On sale for $3.99, down from $6.99] Stereo Master is a viewer, editor and creator of stereo image files: MPO files, side-by-side or anaglyph images.

  • HDR Darkroom 3 [OS X; Category: Graphics & Design; On sale for $29.99, down from $39.99] HDR Darkroom 3 has come to the App Store to bring you the best in High Dynamic Range photography processing.

Note: All prices are USD and subject to change. Some deals may expire quickly. TUAW is not responsible for third-party deals and cannot guarantee availability or quality of any particular product at a specific price.

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