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GTA Online Valentine's Day Massacre brakes hearts on Friday


It's almost Valentine's Day, so polish your guns, stock up on ammo and make sure your ride is bullet-proof. That's how this day works, right? It certainly does in Grand Theft Auto Online: The Valentine's Day Massacre update hits for free on Friday, February 14, featuring lovely new items for Story Mode and Online.

Valentine's Day Massacre adds a new weapon, vehicle, clothes and 10 new jobs. The Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun will be available at the Ammu-Nation store in Online and automatically deposited into inventories in Story Mode. The new vehicle, the Albany Roosevelt, is an armored 1920s limo available in any garage in Story Mode and from the Legendary Motorsport in-game website in Online. New attire is flapper-themed, and new jobs include Deathmatches, a new Parachute Jump and new Races.

And yes, "brakes" is spelled that way on purpose.
[Image: Rockstar]

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