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Joystiq Streams: How to properly Outlast on PlayStation 4 [It's over!]

Here's how you're supposed to approach dilapidated, dark, abandoned insane asylums:You don't go in them. Why would you go in there? Forget any monsters that might be lurking, you can't see anything! There might be old folding beds and stuff on the floor. Twisting an ankle is a real threat.

Anthony John Agnello, Joystiq Community Manager, doesn't care about those dangers! He'll be playing the PS4 version of Outlast on Joystiq Streams today at 4PM EST on the Joystiq Twitch channel. Anthony has never played Outlast a day in his life, knows nothing about it beyond the basic premise, and plans to play it as though he has no survival instincts at all. Richard Mitchell, Joystiq's Reviews Content Director, will be hanging in the chat, relaying your questions and mockery to Anthony with aplomb.

Tune back in right here at 4PM EST to watch or go to Twitch to watch and chat!

[Image: Red Barrels]

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