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Over 1 million eke out a life in Rust


In just two month's time, Steam Early Access darling Rust has managed to top one million in sales. Creator of the first-person sandbox survival game, Garry Newman, shared the milestone on Twitter today by including a screen shot of the total number of sales from his Steam page.

In Rust, players are totally independent to explore the open world and act as they wish. Some players choose to scavenge for goods and live in the wilderness in relative peace, while other players have helped to contribute toward a recent torrent of not-safe-for-work videos on YouTube. We won't bother linking any.

More interesting, however, is how Rust has quickly rose to prominence alongside the game it was directly inspired by: DayZ. Newman originally created Rust as a clone after encountering frustrations in the free DayZ mod. Over time, wildlife was added and Rust eventually became the first-person survival sim for PC, Mac and Linux it is today.
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