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Breakfast Topic: Was the instant level 90 the death of Scrolls of Resurrection?

Chances are you've caught the news that Blizzard's Scroll of Resurrection program, which offered a boost to level 80 and some free gametime for lapsed players, is about to reach its end. But, really, this is a change you might not be feeling: Blizzard hasn't updated the program in a while and it's a little challenging to find players who have been gone long enough -- nearly two years -- to qualify to receive a Scroll so you can reap the rewards.

With Warlords offering players a boost to level 90, we have to wonder if the Scroll of Resurrection just doesn't make sense anymore. When you can get a level 90 character to play just by buying the expansion, why bother getting a friend to send you a Scroll for a level boost, even if Blizzard did update the rewards to be at-level to Mists or Warlords.

So tell us, readers -- do you think the upcoming expansion's instant level 90 was the end of the Scroll of Resurrection? Or do you think we'll see an updated SoR program at some future date?

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