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Drunken Robot Pornography takes (it all) off on February 19


Drunken Robot Pornography, the high-flying robot shooter from Dejobaan Games, launches in full on February 19 via Steam and the Humble Store. DRP has been sitting pretty on Steam Early Access since the day that service launched in March, and next week it's finally ready for deployment.

In the game, players don jetpacks to battle giant robots called Titans – Dejobaan started working on DRP two years ago, ages before that other game about titans showed up – and attempt to stop the metal beasts from destroying Boston with their fancy lasers, rockets, bullets and claws. It's a first-person shooter in a bullet hell (not Boston – that's just the game style).

DRP will retail for $15, but it may come with a Steam discount on launch day. That's all outlined in Dejobaan's open marketing document, a Google Doc that displays the studio's launch plans, marketing strategies and hopes for the game's release, including the repeated phrase, "NOTE TO SELVES: None of this matters if we don't make a great game." This open marketing plan joins Dejobaan's public design document for Drop that Beat like an Ugly Baby as an example of transparent development in the indie world.

Dejobaan will stream DRP in a Twitch marathon on February 20 from 10AM ET to 10PM ET, featuring a lineup of fellow streamers. And giant, drunken robots, of course.
[Image: Dejobaan Games]

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